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I Need A Video Card That Enables me To Play Gun Bound

Any Agozer Srry For That I am Just A N00b when At this

Gunbound, Gunbound...Why does that name sound so familiar? Could you give me a site where I could see some screenshots?

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ok, first of all. All you need is a graphics card that has 3d acceleration. Most graphics cards have that.


Right click your desktop, then goto properties, then click the 'settings' tab.

On that tab you will see a 'Display:'


Now, just tell us the graphics card you have (under display).


An alternate way to get here would be to goto your control panel and click "Appearance and Themes', then click 'Display'. And u can get to the 'settings' tab that way.


But gunbound only requires Direct 3D. So, i would also suggest to get the latest DirectX drivers from microsoft.


Here's a direct link for DirectX 9.0b (which is required by GunBound).

DirectX 9.0b

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Anyone?Help Please Cause I Will be going out to Buy A 3D Video card.All I Need Is A Small Reply Wheather I Need to Configure Or D/L Something.I Don't Wanna waste $100 On the 3d Video Card.All I Need is Just Relp.Thx.(Sweat...)

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Yeah, your video card should be able to play Gunbound rather easily. What's the problem your having when playing it?


just download the directx 9.0 drivers. i gave u a direct link, so it shouldn't be a problem to download it. Restart your pc, and play some gunbound. make sure you create an account at www.gunbound.net or u won't be able to login.

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