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:D I Need The Correct Thing That Make The 3 Games Run Perfectly.Like Something To Change The ROms Like Metal Slug Got A Bad Rom Blah Blah Blah And You Need To Dwonload The Correct Rom Blah Blah Blah And I Think That We Should Make A Topic About The Metal Sug,sVc,And SSV.So,If U Think U Need ANything To Run Ur Game Perfectly,Post Here.

My Question:

SSV:The Bank Problem Shows Up.


sVc:Unable To Load Program ROM.


Metal Slug:Can't Load/Not Showing On The List


So If U Got The ROM To Correct The Error,Post Here.

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I'll say again:


If you're using NeoRAGEx...


Samurai Shodown V needs the EGCG NeoRAGEx hack.


As for SVC, your P rom might be funked up. Also needs the EGCG NeoRAGEx hack.


As for Metal Slug 5, it appears at the bottom of the list and you'll need the special NRX hack + P1 rom to play it.

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One last tip for SvC, and this is especially for NeorageX.

Open your zip and look at the contents, are they all named :

svc_xx.rom etc. ?


Make sure none are named differently, ex:



Make sure ALL of them feature a "_" not a "-"


Then zip them up and try again.


Good Luck.

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Open svcplus.zip [or whatever your rom file archive is called], using Winzip or a similar program, if some of the files have a minus symbol in the middle




then unzip the whole package to a temporary directory on your hard drive.


Then change svc-m1.rom ==> svc_m1.rom


[i.e. replacing the "minus" symbol with an "underscore" symbol]


Also do this for any more files with a "minus" symbol


When you're finished, zip them all up and try again.


It should work with the EGCG NeoRAGEx hack [Also known as NeoRagex H1]

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zip then all up?

do u mean unzip them?

Tidus, my man, listen up...


Extract (Unzip) the svcwhatever.zip to a temporary folder (all files).


Goto that directory/folder you unzipped to and rename the roms files to svc_xx.rom (I think you know what goes in xx's place).


Whgen you're done, zip those files together. Put the Zip in your roms folder, load up EGCG NRX, Click Import and pray...

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