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I'm on 56k, so I usually download decrypted neogeo roms, and up till recently always used neoragex anyway. Recently though, I was trying to get all my roms mameable, and it seemed preposterous to be downloading games I already had (for instance mame support mslug3, but not mslug3nd). I wrote my own drivers initially, but have since wrote a program that can encrypt decrypted roms.

I'm not sure if such a util already existed, but I find it very useful. I have tested it on:

- mslug5nd

- kof2002nd

- kof2000nd

- kof2001nd

- mslug3nd


If anyones interested I can upload it...




Off my own topic :(, this is my first post here, although I've been lurking here for a little while now :). Just wanted to say I really like the site!, its got a much more cheerful vibe than so many l33t emu boards.

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