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can anyone help?

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hello everyone,

just reformatted my computer, and pretty much starting from scratch again, and i was looking for another emulator to use, i was previously using nebula, but if anyone can suggest anything better, and provide some links, that'd b appreciated.

thanks dudes and dudettes

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as already posted, kawaks with a loader is good. i don't know if it's _better_ tho... but that's what i use to play ss and mslug series.


mame/32 if you also play shmups, puzzles, and other arcade games.


since you're familiar with nebula, you might already know about nebula m2. it's the emulator that supports house of the dead and virtual-on~ :( it's a little sluggish on xp 2100+.


vba for gba. snes9x for snes games... what else... anyway, that's what i use.


have fun~

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