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Okay heres some better news for the site, I will be returning in about a month to a month, and a half. I got my computer checked by someone who knows whats up, and they said all that happened was that my fan had broke, and that my geforce 4 heated up like crazy, and mite be the reason one of my harddrive burnt out. It was the main hard drive too. But thats cool all together with out buying a new harddrive ( I GOT A FEW ANYWAYS ) I just gotta buy a new computer fan, and I will be adding my old geforce 4 card the mx series, and takeing out my BROKE ASS GEFORE 4 TI :confused::D. Though any how till I do make a full return I will be supporting the site quite a bit, as I can. Hey real quick it just show you folks about how good I am at hardware yesterday I posted that my computer was fryed LOL which I taught it was but it aint all that bad after all;).

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We'll be awaiting your comeback in full force man.

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