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Official Guess the game thread v1.1

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Official guess the game image thread. Look at the picture then decide what the game is. If you are right you score a point. If you are wrong, you don't, simple. Anyone can post a pic for people to guess and it can be any game from any system, well known or obscure. So come on, start guessing and post those pics!




Madmax2002 3

Tapewurm 2

Emsley 2

solidius23 2

Me! 1

Sigilstun 1


Current image:


Current image


NB: if geocities say you can't see the image, just copy and past the link into your browser. It should work :confused:

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It did it this time dc, oh man i would of guessed correct on bionic commando, i used to rape that on the nes:)


crap, and I knew that one! I rule at that game on NES! Loved the ending too. God that was a great game.

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WOW! hahaha that's all I can say about that unknown classic! haha. How about a clue.... what platform? :D

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