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MAMEoXtras Even More Odds N Ends (new update)

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MAMEoXtras Even More Odds N Ends

Please note try as we might we could not find a vmm value that would work for Cyborg Force but fear not it will work
if you turn on the default vmm via the emu options.
just remember to switch it off again after playing as to make sure all your other games which require vmm will still
boot correctly.

New games now supported

Cyborg Force (NeoGeo)
Top Roller

Games Fixed And Now Playable

Exerion (game breaking protection issue sorted)
Hammer Away

Games with graphical improvements

Chinese Hero
Hammer Away
Sky Lancer
Wild Fang / Tecmo Knight

Games with sound improvements

Bomber Man World (World)
Go Go! Mile Smile / Susume! Mile Smile
Karate Champ
New Atomic Punk - Global Quest (US)

General Fixes And Improvements
Fixed missing graphical layer for Hammer Away in the Sega System 18 driver so it is now playable [grant2258]
Emulated a missing graphical effect for Wild Fang / Tecmo Knight the screen now shakes when enemies break through walls and you land after a big jump [arcadez]
Fixed Player 2 Start Button for Namco's Tinkle Pit [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added missing button 3 inputs for Strike Gunner S.T.G used to combine both ships into one during a two player game [MAMEDEv, arcadez]
Updated the protection code for Exerion to prevent the game from ending should you die at anytime after the first bonus round [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added a new game Top Roller to the yamato.c driver and reworked the cpu encryption making it compatable with the MAME78 codebase [grant2258, arcadez]
Fixed some graphical niggles with Chinese Hero on level 7 [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Improved the sound for Go Go! Mile Smile / Susume! Mile Smile by adding sound banking and reclocking the sound and CPU speeds [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Fixed some grahical niggles throughout the game and with the cocktail mode for Orca's Sky Lancer [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added support for Cyborg Force to the NeoGeo driver [arcadez]
Fixed broken sound and incorrect background graphics in Performan [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Fixed sound clipping in Karate Champ [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Fixed sound samples not playing in two versions of Bomber Man namely Bomber Man World (World) and New Atomic Punk - Global Quest (US) [MAMEDev, arcadez]

link(includes new roms)


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