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Raine showing screenshot images in game list


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Posted (edited)

Hello Tux. all good with you ?
Thanks very much for fixing the appimage version. Now Unibios screen works.

I known Raine since 2001 ... If had loaded Scitech Display Doctor was possible more video resolutions configured in Raine.
I not remember exactly is as if need dos4gw and in background Bubble Bobble dragon image too.
Good memories ... your emulator was much fast.
After I had used the windows version and now Linux.

About the new 0.95.5 now require the dependencies below


The new version is more fast. Have you tested the new version ?

Your emulator is amazing.
Well ... I not understand if you wish add an screenshot area in game list.
In game list will be possible choice cartridge or game box images showing in right side for each game.
For me is one of few detail to add in Raine ... However Raine is your creation 😃

I only want read about what you think about it.
Have an nice week my friend and for Raine users too.

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Posted (edited)

Screenshots of the currently selected game already appear in the background if you have some screenshots saved from this game (ctrl-s by default to save a screenshot).

There is also a script to get some screenshots from the internet and save them in the screenshots directory, but you need perl for that.

And no, raine never used dos4gw even if it was also the time of dos4gw in this time, it used something equivalent though (djgpp/go32 at the time).

If you are curious about the "screenshots grabber", it's in the Extra part of the downloads page, towards the bottom of the page. In linux you must run it from ~/.raine, and you already have perl installed on your system so you just have to run it that's all.

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Thanks for replying and for fixing the bug holding keyboard keys autofire run for few seconds.

I will try see the screenshots in download extra.

Have an nice week.


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