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Raine 0.95.3 Neo Geo Unibios error


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Hello Tux ... all good with you ?
Your amazing emulator continue being an great emulator since 2001.
Thanks very much for updating the Linux appimage version.

For Neo Geo if selecting universe bios 4.0 have error.
The universe bios screen is opened when pressing A+B+C+Start , but when doing that command the screen will changed to be totally in blank with sound showing emulation continue after of that bug.
Testing is possible start 0.93.4 and load the universe bios screen and configure the settings and after quit Raine saving the universe bios nvram being possible load it in 0.95.3.
0.95.3 will use the universe bios nvram created in 0.93.4 , but need avoid try load the universe bios screen.

In file neogeo bios are


Have an nice week for you and Raine users too.

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The bug was fixed in 0.95.4, as stated in the release :

 - revert a neogeo optimization which made unibios crazy with its strange screensaver (a black screen when using their cheat menu)

I won't update the appimage all the time, sorry, but the bug happens only when you try to display an unibios specific screen while ingame, so just don't do that. I'll try to update the appimage next time.


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5 hours ago, Augusto said:

Thanks for replying.

Not problem for me if not updating the appimage now.

Thanks Tux.

Good news I had some fun with this crazy setup to build appimages again, a docker container having ubuntu bionic in it, customized with an up to date sdl2 ( for both 32 and 64 bits now). I added some code to detect the lua-5.3 from bionic, I don't guarantee it will work for every distribution but at least it works for arch and ubuntu bionic !

So it works, I have some appimage files, and I had even forgotten some file in it last time.

But you'll have to wait a little more, the next version is not ready yet.

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