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new history.dat, and update to "arkanoid returns" !


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Yeah there is a new history.dat (yearly update), find it there : http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/history-raine-2.50.7z

And there is a new trick inside for "arkanoid returns", to access the 50 last levels when you insert a coin, press button 1 3 times, then button 2, and finally start. Of course with the cheats you can select the starting stage, but it's still a cool trick to know.

That's where I found there is a bug in the handling of mouse buttons in the sdl2 version ! The right button sends events for 2 buttons at the same time. It's fixed in git, and will be fixed in the next official release. Meanwhile if you want to use this trick, use the keyboard and not the mouse to press the buttons !

There are a few good updates in this history.dat, not just the update of their silly "age counter"...

I thought it would have been a cool trick for zzap!raine, so I checked, and I discovered I forgot to upload their games info page, so it's fixed, the game info page works again, and no this trick was not in their test !

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