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HBMAME 0.245.8 released


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HBMAME 0.245.8 has been released.


What's new in HBMAME

2022-10-20 0.245.8

19YY now has full background music included.

New Games
- [avengrgs01]          Avengers In Galactic Storm (Boss Hack, set 1)
- [avengrgs02]          Avengers In Galactic Storm (Boss Hack, set 2)
- [bgaregga02]          Battle Garegga (Zakk version, set 2)
- [cosmicw]             Cosmic Wars (bootleg of UniwarS)
- [cybots02]            Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness (950424E, Access Mod)
- [dkong01-04]          Donkey Kong (various hacks)
- [dkonghh]             Donkey Kong HeartHunt v1.01 (2022-10-15)
- [emeralda01]          Emeraldia (New Rotate)
- [grdians19-40]        Denjin Makai II (various hacks, 22 sets)
- [hook10-15]           Hook (various hacks, 6 sets)
- [kingball01]          King & Balloon (bootleg)
- [mk2s06]              Mortal Kombat II (SP4K, 2021-08-05)
- [mk3s02]              Mortal Kombat 3 (K, 2021-08-05)
- [nbbatman10]          Ninja Baseball Bat Man (1v8, 2020-01-08)
- [nbbatman11]          Ninja Baseball Bat Man (One Key Edition, 2020-09-06)
- [strider01]           Strider (US, fixes graphics and music)
- [strider02]           Strider (JP, fixes graphics and music)
- [vs_urban]            Vs. Urban Champion
- [wbml03]              Wonder Boy in Monster Land (bootleg)
- [wwfmania01]          WWF: Wrestlemania (Acid Clown Edition, 2020-12-02)


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