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Start a game without gui in Windows 10


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33 minutes ago, ffman1985 said:

I also success in loading ngcd game (.cue). However, when I try to load the aes (arcade) rom (.zip), it shows the error “Could not open IPL.TXT”. It is not make sense as I am not loading the ngcd game.

Already told you : if you pass a zip on the command line, it assumes it contains the files extracted from an iso for a neocd game (and so if it doesn't find an ipl.txt in the zip it will output an error).

If you want to run an arcade game and not a neocd game, you must pass a name instead, not the zip file, but if you do that on the command line avoid -nogui for now (the fix is committed to git).

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A very last time :

if you pass a zip on the command line (or a 7z) it's to load a neocd game ONLY !!!

If you want to load an arcade game, then you must pass the name of the game instead (short name preferably !).

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44 minutes ago, ffman1985 said:

I just pass the name ‘kof96’ which is Unzipped from kof96.zip

You 're really a desperate case on this you know ?

It doesn't have to be unzipped or anything, it's just exactly the same loading method as with the gui, which means the rom whose name you pass on the command line needs to be in 1 or the rom paths, otherwise you can also use -rp to change the 1st rom path on the command line...

This is some super basic stuff, there is nothing complex to understand here... !

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