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Raine 0.94.1


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21 hours ago, Tux said:

Fixing : not interested, I guess some other emus used some generic code found elsewhere for that, I didn't have it, I don't really care, it's supposed to stay easy, I already spent way too much time on this.

Hello Tux! I'm sorry for bothering you with this issue for the last days. I just wished the DS4 would be as seamlessly supported in Raine as the other controllers. Anyway, at least we have now finally unveiled the source of the problem. Hopefully another coder will join you in developing Raine and possibly help you with that. It shouldn't be so difficult since most other emulators out there have managed to fix that already.


21 hours ago, Tux said:

Reverting : no need, with controllers buttons 0 & 1 are mapped to buttons A & B or X & O on playstation which means the main button to validate and to cancel, and anyway I don't plan ever to add something to map controls in the gui.

I'm sorry to ask that, but isn't a remapping function already available through the "Controller mapping" option in the Inputs menu?

Anyway, I just suggested reverting those changes because they were thought to fix the DS4 controller issue and they didn't, so they haven't served their purpose. Now as a result they have taken the possibility to bind the "Confirm" and "Back" functions to other random buttons in a controller (for instance, buttons 3 and 4), right? The issue is that some controllers may feature a non-standard button layout and have, for example, buttons 0 and 1 positioned as triggers. If Raine does not allow users to rebind the "Confirm" and "Back" functions to other buttons as it did before, maybe the user experience with such controllers will be compromised from now on, no?

Perhaps I may be wrong in my concern, but if those changes hinder some user configuration possibilities (according to what I've understood from Raine's GitHub page), I think they could be reconsidered.

Thank you so much in advance for your time.

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