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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.245 are released.





There were 5 attempts to kill off winui, but it was possible to revert all those changes and keep the projects going.

Next month will be even more challenging. The old file split by drivers, machine, video, etc has been wiped away, replaced by some arbitrary scheme. Whenever a file is moved, the local modifications are lost. It will quite a task to keep control of this. There might be more disruption that isn't known about yet.

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Getting this error when trying to compile mess 32bit (messui 32 compiled fine):

Archiving liboptional.a...
makefile:1133: recipe for target 'windows_x86' failed
make: *** [windows_x86] Error 2

Any idea to solve this?

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Most of that stuff is deprecated warnings; you can prevent them showing by including DEPRECATED=0 in your make line.

The errors around the windows debugger could be because Vista is the minimum supported version now, it was a change during the last month. XP libraries may not support the methods being used.

The errors around drcbex64 are unknown to me, they would need further investigation.

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