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Allow Speed Hacks settings for each game


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Neo Geo Options \ Allow Speed Hacks enabled works for some Neo Geo games (KOF97), but break some games (Samurai Showdown 2) at point with wrong sprites and crashes.
I need enable and disable when changing games.
An feature to allow save "Allow Speed Hacks" for each game fix it.

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not exactly. Arcade games are made to do their work at 60 fps or close to 60 fps. If you find the exact point in the code where the 68000 waits for the next vbl interrupt, which means it has finished its work for the current frame, you can put a speed hack here to finish the emulation for this frame.

Direct consequence : less cpu cycles wasted for the emulation, and you can increase the amount of cycles the 68000 can execute during this frame to avoid choppy animations for the games which have that.

For neogeo, I can't remember any game having choppy animations, so the only point of a speed hack here is just to optimize the emulation, but for modern cpus it doesn't make a big difference, cpu emulation time is usually around 3% max (and more often 1 or 2%). So you can just disable them all the time here and forget about that.

The reason why they fail for some games is that it would be too tedious to check all the speed hacks for the 100+ neogeo games so the detection is automatic. It works most of the time, but there are exceptions... !


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Thanks very much for your explanation.

You can start Samurai Showdown 2 with "allow speed hacks" enabled. In few seconds in gameplay the game will crash.

Several Neo Geo games has slowdowns (KOF97 in few moments is extreme slowdown).

Perhaps an overclock feature can help to avoid that type of slowdown and thus having an better gameplay.

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