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HBMAME 0.244 released


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What's new in HBMAME

2022-05-25 0.244

Added artwork for Man-Pac.

New Games
- [dinore]              Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Readjusted v1.0)
- [dkchrte]             Donkey Kong Christmas Tournament Edition
- [dkongte]             Donkey Kong Tournament Edition
- [dkspkyte]            Donkey Kong Spooky Tournament Edition
- [dksprfin]            Donkey Kong Springfinity v1.01 (2022-04-29)
- [mhavocpex81]         Major Havoc - The Promised End (v0.81)
- [mslugunity]          Metal Slug Unity
- [mslug2unity]         Metal Slug 2 Unity
- [mslug3unity]         Metal Slug 3 Unity
- [mslug4unity]         Metal Slug 4 Unity
- [mslug5ast]           Metal Slug Asteroids
- [mslug5unity]         Metal Slug 5 Unity
- [mslugxunity]         Metal Slug X Unity
- [sfa2us05]            Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Unlock Hidden Characters)
- [sfz3mix11]           Street Fighter Zero 3 (Mix 0.11)
- [sfz3mix]             Street Fighter Zero 3 (Mix 0.12)
- [teot]                The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, beta 4, 2022-05-07)

Plus, for this month only, Marble Madness II has been included, before it goes into MAME 0.245 .

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