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Why Raine 32 bits is the main version ?


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Hello Tux.
I known your Raine emulator since 2001.
You had replied about the Raine 32 bits being the main version.
Why Raine 32 bits is the main version ?
32 bits version emulation is more accurate, stable or fast than 64 bits ?

Thanks for read.
Have an nice week.

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It's just that the 64 bits version is newer, replacing all the asm functions by C ones, so it's less tested. Speed wise the 2 versions are equivalent, at least on current hardware, I don't think there are bugs left in the 64 bits one but it's still possible, for the debug builds I always use the 32 bits version because the asm is always fast even in the debug builds.

Mer-curious always uses the 64 bits version and he doesn't seem to report any problem so it's probably safe for everyone now.

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Thanks very much for your reply.

I will use now the 64 bits mainly for see if happen any errors and if yes I will report.

For some machines your emulator will continue being my choice,

Again thanks very much doing your amazing Raine.


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