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List of changes to MAME core


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This is needed by all derivatives to allow the loading of INP files. However a pointless refactor 2 months ago made this class private, and not available.



Moved the inp_header class from ioport.cpp back to ioport.h where it belongs.

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line 967: changed "> 0" to "> 1". Then you must choose -str 1 from the command line (or seconds to run = 1 in the GUI). This is for MESS/MESSUI/ARCADE64 only, in order to comply with licensing restrictions.


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lines 1063-1113: various tests for old video cards have been commented out. In MAME you would get a fatal error or black screen. In MAMEUI the worst you'll get is a black screen, but more likely it will work. So, messages such as "Your graphics card does not fully support non-power-of-two" won't be seen.

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lines 877, 878: change Pause button to the Pause key on the keyboard. The old P key is needed for other things.

line 915: In MAME, the default Paste key doesn't work. Moved to RightShift+PgUp.

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Today I added a new hack into MESS/MESSUI only. This fixes a VIA bug by changing its clock frequency on the fly. The result is that the jr100 can save and load cassettes correctly. It's too much of a hack to be considered for MAME.

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