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List of changes to MAME core


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There's been a couple of requests for a list of changes to the MAME core that enable MAMEUI etc to run. Also, I had never kept a list and it's got me into trouble when things stop working. So here they are. Line numbers are approximate.



line 587: If an unsupported ines mapper was found, MAME would abort. This is changed to give a message and not crash.

line 687: If an unknown pcb is found, print a message and continue.

line 1258: same


line 823: return blank if invalid, instead of crashing


line 184: if unknown UNIF board encountered, MAME will crash. We show an error and continue.

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line 62: added an extra method to allow different processing for parents vs clones. This is to prevent clones inheriting the parent's saved slots and software and sometimes crashing as a result.


lines 101-105: check to see if it's a parent or a clone

lines 217-247: the code of the new method


line 193: another pointer for parents (is it a left-over?)

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line 1186: if a snes cart required the bsmempak or the strom to be loaded, it would crash. Modified so that won't happen.



line 266: allow smc as a valid extension (same as sfc)


line 266: if a cart couldn't be loaded, say so instead of silently failing.

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line 2316-2320, 2444: if your cue sheet contains unsupported sounds, such as MP3, MAME will reject the CD with "unspecified error". MESSUI/MAMEUI will instead play the disk, but without sound. The remainder of the items in the cue sheet will not be processed.

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line 668: MAME can grab your mouse and not let it stray outside the window. The pointer might disappear as well. This is not how a well-behaved windows program should work. The line has been commented out. If you want to keep the mouse in the game, run full-screen instead of in a window.

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line 462, 540, 922, 927, 933: If LUA is unable to initialise itself, MAME will crash. This has been changed so that LUA will be disabled and the emulator will run without it.

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line 174,184,195: If there's a problem with a plugin, MAME will crash. This has been changed so you get a console message and things continue without it instead.


line 77,83: don't crash if bad plugin.

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line 340,397: in the ascii part of the memory view, bit 7 will be stripped, so you can read text that has bit 7 on, instead of getting greek or whatever.

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