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Playing with the 7z code...


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The 7z code in raine is very old, 11 years already, and the distributed code changed quite a lot in all these years...
Since the performance of the 7z archiver didn't change a lot in the same time, I didn't expect a big improvement for the performance, but I was curious to try to update this anyway...
In the end it was long, complicated, and for almost no improvement for the performance, quite disappointing !
I'll keep the update anyway, maybe I missed something in it, and it's probably better to have some more recent code.

Things to notice : by default 7z archives are solid, but for some big rom archive, making it solid gains about 1% only in size, almost nothing. The time to decompress is almost the same for solid and non solid archives, but if the archive is not solid you get a real progress bar when loading the rom. If it's solid, then the whole archive is processed for the 1st file, and then the rest goes so fast that the progress bar becomes totally useless ! So it's probably better to create non solid archives (-ms=off when using the 7z or 7zz command line in linux).

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