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Sorry Robbbert, I'm doing the usual checks on the MAME and MESS statistics... from the MESS executable (and relative xml generated by it): 1,387 machines are removed!

Possible? Or is there an error?

I'm attaching a log to you.

PS: The size of the executable also went from 160Mb to 120Mb.

MESS - Update (v0.236 to v0.237).txt

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MESSUI only has systems that are usable, it's been that way for a long time. However MESS should have everything, working or not. To make this happen, some files need to be swapped around when building one or the other, but sometimes this process gets out of sync.


So, I've just uploaded a new MESS that has everything as it was supposed to. Thanks for finding the problem.  :)


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StHiryu, the required python version was changed from 2.7 to 3.2 (or later). Python is included as part of the GCC compile package, so you shouldn't have to do anything, it should just work.


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I don't remember if you've been asked in the past, just in case don't consider my message.

Would it be possible, for uniformity, to replace the term "Originals" in the left menu of MAMEUI, MESSUI and HBMAMEUI in the more correct "Parents"?

This is already the case in ARCADE.

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