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Pang, Super Pang and Pang 3 crash emulator.


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  • Neville changed the title to Pang, Super Pang and Pang 3 crash emulator.

Thanks for this one, it's specific to the 64 bits build, I was expecting something like that but since I work mainly in the 32 bits build  I never found it.

All the kabuki games are affected, it's simply because the offset to the decoded area becomes a 64 bits offset for the 64 bits build.
I'll release a new binary later today, this bug is here since the 64 bits builds started to appear.

Kabuki games include block, pkladies, pang, spang (for the mitchell driver
wof, dino, slammast, punisher for the cps1 driver.
and pengo, which is probably the 1st game to ever use this.

Pang3 is not affected as far as I know (works perfectly here).

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Yes, you're right. "Pang 3" does work.



EDIT: Saw the new binary. "Chase HQ"'s issues seem fixed, and so are the loading of "Pang" and "Super Pang". Both "Pangs" work a little sluggish, though.

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It's a z80 alone for both these games, it's not really powerful, they seem ok to me, at least they always were like that...
Compare eventually with the 32 bits version.

Pang3 uses a 68000, it's cps1 hardware.

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Ok fixed, what annoyed me here is that it was a general incompatibility in the way irqs were handled between mz80 and the mame z80 core we use in the 64 bits version. So I just added some code to make the mame core compatible, our way to handle interrupts is actually easier, you don't have to know how long the irq line must stay active, an irq just becomes pending and is executed as soon as it can be executed.

It was inspired by z80 books so it doesn't come from nowhere, and it simplifies things, even if I am sure there are very good reason about accuracy to do this differently.

Anyway it's good now, speed fixed without touching the driver itself.

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