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Where should I ask?


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Just got MESSUI64,228 on Win 7 SP1. LOVE MESSUI (hate it when it fused with MAME)
Works so-so.
Settings like brightness and "skip system info" doesn't work it stays in the default behaviour. 

The "Debug" tab in settings is gone, I can start from the command line with debugger showing but not get back into debugger again if I happen to close it. 
In the debugger all ISAR registers are gone from the list of registers - I see now that it was like that in MESSUI 220 as well, so somewhere between 0.146 - 0.220 someone didn't feel the need to show them. 48 of the total 64 Bytes of memory censored. You can't even set them using "R22=1" or similar that works with visible registers as R0 ("R0=1") - seems they aren't there at all as far as debugger goes.
Debugger disassembly also changed display hexadecimal from $xxxx to H'xxxx' - which is a bit annoying - not that I can do anything about that.

I guess I have to register in a bunch of places to ask for a correction?

Most annoying "KEY CAPTCHA" ever - can't even see what's on those seven images you need to sort.

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The decision was recently made that development should be done on the command-line versions, while game playing is done on the GUI versions. To that end, the Debug menu was removed from MESSUI, since debugging is a development thing. You should use MAME or MESS for development.

Which brightness are you talking about? Skip system info works for me - it should cause the information about what CPU and so forth a game uses to be not displayed every time you run it.

You haven't said what CPU or system you're debugging, so your questions about ISAR and so on are without a frame of reference. Whatever it is, the same issue would occur in MAME, so that question should be posted where the relevant developer can see it.

I've never seen the CAPTCHA - maybe the server owner might like to comment.


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