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  1. Just got MESSUI64,228 on Win 7 SP1. LOVE MESSUI (hate it when it fused with MAME) Works so-so. Settings like brightness and "skip system info" doesn't work it stays in the default behaviour. The "Debug" tab in settings is gone, I can start from the command line with debugger showing but not get back into debugger again if I happen to close it. In the debugger all ISAR registers are gone from the list of registers - I see now that it was like that in MESSUI 220 as well, so somewhere between 0.146 - 0.220 someone didn't feel the need to show them. 48 of the total 64 Bytes of memory censored. You can't even set them using "R22=1" or similar that works with visible registers as R0 ("R0=1") - seems they aren't there at all as far as debugger goes. Debugger disassembly also changed display hexadecimal from $xxxx to H'xxxx' - which is a bit annoying - not that I can do anything about that. I guess I have to register in a bunch of places to ask for a correction? BTW: Most annoying "KEY CAPTCHA" ever - can't even see what's on those seven images you need to sort.
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