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Am I losing it? Was RAINE available in the late 90s?!

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Hey ya'll. It dawned on me today that I recall using Raine in the late 90s (aging myself here lol). The question is, how? Are you the original author, Tux? And I'm curious how has the emulator changed (majorly) since then? If I'm not mistaken, I ran it on MS-DOS. 🤨

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Yeah it was created by Richard Bush, Antiriad, in 1998, that was the old dos days.

In 2000 he wanted to give it up but he opened the source, at that time I was interested by a linux version, so I took the Tux name to work on it, except that slowly but surely, everybody gave up, and I was finally the only one left. The big difference is that I didn't work on it like crazy like what Antiriad did, it was more, "when time permits", but I never succeeded to completely stop, I stopped for a few months and always came back to it.

Antiriad left but after helping us to port it to windows and to linux, so we had the multi platform release.
More than 10 years ago, I switched from allegro to sdl to be able to use opengl which was greatly needed, it was version 0.50.

Lately I finally succeeded at the impossible, making a version without any assembler in it so that it could be compiled in 64 bits or for any platform, version 0.90. That's what I wanted to do before stopping completely because this way the source can live on, except that of course nobody came to do that. Eventually add sdl2 support instead of the current sdl 1.2 would be nice, if I succeed to do that I think I'll be able to call that version 1.0 and stop !

Richard Bush is still available by mail even if he never comes to the forum, I send messages from time to time. He works in a computer games company, so he doesn't want to touch the code anymore though.

That's the big lines !

(and while you are here, this new defaut white theme for the forum is quite horrible you know ? I am thinking maybe I should resurrect the old forum backup I stil have to work around that !).


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