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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.228 are released.






- fixed art preview

- fixed bug with some directories

- NES: if an unemulated mapper is encountered, do not crash.

- if a plugin can't be found, do not crash.

- SNES: added smc extension for cartridges


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The history guys released a 0.228 dat file, so you can use that now.

I've learned how to create a github action. So, every time that MAMEUI gets updated, github will (attempt to) build a new executable. It isn't symbol-stripped or anything, so the test build weighed in at a whopping 523MB. Because MAME is so FAT and BLOATED, sometimes the github server runs out of memory, so the build fails.

I've also tried with ARCADE64, but it ran out of memory. Maybe it will work at another time.


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The MessUI 32bit exe fails to launch on Win 64bit, however the no-gui version works great. All the other exes launch correctly on windows 64. Anyone with a 32bit Windows can test if the MessUI 32bit works?

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