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Problem running some games on Daphne

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So, I have issues with 3 games on Daphne. All load, but

Thayer's Quest

When the thing starts up and booting it shows weird things on screen like communication link failed. And it doesn't respond to keyboard commands so I basically can't insert coins or do anything.

GP Wolrd

Has lots of errors (including no sound) and eventually crashes 


Simply shows a weird screen of 0s and blinking 1s


Any help is appreciated. Daphne forums haven't had posts in the last year so I didn't bother with that. 

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19 hours ago, Robert said:

Wish I could help you, but I've never used Daphne, and those laser disks are just too huge to bother downloading.

Hopefully someone else may know.

Unless you're posting from the 90s or you live in a third world nation laserdisc downloads are no big deal anymore. 

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