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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.226 are released.






- Removed messages about no_dumps and bad_dumps

- Removed message about the game having no sound hardware

- messui/mameui - fixed joymap option

MESSUI is in the middle of getting some updates. Some menus are currently incomplete. Some of the changes include:

- Added xaudio2

- removed reset button

- removed activate integrated debugger option

- removed debugscript

- removed output diagnostic information option.

- if the debugger was left on, it will be deactivated when the game is started

- the snapshot pattern option has been repaired and reinstated.


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16 hours ago, StHiryu said:

MESS, MESSUI, MAME AND MAMEUI 0.226 32bit avaliable (Compatible with Xp). Download from:


Would it be possible, in the future and only for the MAME package, to also add the 32-bit version of tools such as "castool.exe", "chdman.exe", "floptool.exe", etc.?

Thank you.

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39 minutes ago, StHiryu said:

Se ricordo bene, per aggiungere quegli strumenti devi includere TOOLS = 1 nel comando make, lo proverò nella prossima release.

I thank you so much!

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