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Raine could not open IPL.txt!


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What a mess... let me guess, libstdc++ too then ? The weird part is that this time I tested it, from linux, but it was better than nothing...

Oh sigh ! Ok, I'll look into it, might be able to create a whole new dlls package for that... !

Here is an updated package, tested in windows this time : dlls32-

I still don't understand how it can work in linux with wine, I guess there is some trick about the gcc libs there...
Anyway I hope there won't be any other gcc update anytime soon, I had to recompile muparser for this...

Oh, and both libgcc are required for this version because of the old dlls which were not recompiled !

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I suppose this bin image format for NGCD games is for using with FB Neo. As Retroarch's FB Neo core only supports this format, they are becoming more popular over the internet lately. So it's good Raine starts supporting it too.

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