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HBMAME 0.221 released

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2020-04-29 0.221

- Metal Slug 4,5 and X the remix has been updated
- dkongl5 was renamed to dkongst (Spring Trainer)

New Games
- [captcomms86]       Captain Commando (Nightmare Edition Update 2020-02-21)
- [captcomms87]       Captain Commando (Unlimited Bullet Update 2020-02-19)
- [captcomms88]       Captain Commando (Warlord Version 2020-03-02)
- [dinos238]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Three Forbidden Version 2020-03-25)
- [dinos239]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (God of War Edition Update 2020-03-25)
- [dinos240]          Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Prosperity Enhanced Edition 2020-03-25)
- [dkongss]           Donkey Kong Skip Start
- [grdianss14]        Guardians (Warriors Edition 2020-02-15)
- [kof95s32]          Kof'95 (Special v1.0 2020-02-22)
- [kof97s167]         Kof'97 (ST Innovation 2020-01-21)
- [kof97s168]         Kof'97 (Combo Enhanced Edition Simplified 2020-03-10)
- [kof97s169]         Kof'97 (Evolution Ultimate Edition Simplified 2020-03-22)
- [kof97s170]         Kof'97 (Come Back To The Rivers And Lakes Enhanced Version Simplified 2020-03-10)
- [kof97s171]         Kof'97 (Resurgence Plus Blue Version Simplified 2020-03-07)
- [kof98hh127]        Kof'98 (BC Combo Version Simplified 2020-03-21)
- [kof98hh128]        Kof'98 (C Dragon Edition Simplified 2020-03-16)
- [kof98hh129]        Kof'98 (Max Plus Simplified 2020-03-06)
- [kof99s102]         Kof'99 (Anniversary Edition 2020-03-24)
- [kof99s103]         Kof'99 (Max Plus Simplified 2020-03-15)
- [kov2h22]           Knights of Valour 2 (1v3 Edition 2020-02-17)
- [kovpluss366]       Knights of Valour Plus 2012 (Warriors Edition 2020-02-11)
- [kovsho186]         Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Yellow Hat Edition 2020-03-18)
- [kovsho187]         Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus (Warriors Edition 2020-03-13)
- [mslug3h07]         Metal Slug 3 (Burst Enhanced Edition 2020-03-17)
- [mslug4hh52]        Metal Slug 4 (Enemies Resetting Version 2020-02-10)
- [mslug4hh53]        Metal Slug 4 (Burst Enhanced Edition 2020-03-17)
- [mslug5dh65]        Metal Slug 5 (Enemy Soldiers Enhanced Version 2020-01-30)
- [mslug5dh66]        Metal Slug 5 (Burst Enhanced Edition 2020-03-18)
- [mslugxz66]         Metal Slug X (Enemy Soldiers Psycho Edition 2020-03-22)
- [mslugxz67]         Metal Slug X (The Hungry Meteorite Edition 2020-03-22)
- [mslugxrm5s10]      Metal Slug X (Big Heavy Machine Gun Flame Edition Remix 2019-11-30)(The Fallen Angels Edition 2020-03-23)
- [oldsplus25]        Oriental Legend 2 (Yellow Hat Version 2020-03-20)
- [tk2h158]           Tenchi wo Kurau II (Master Edition Update 2020-02-15)
- [valkyrien]         Valkyrie no Densetsu (English Translation)
- [viostorms04]       Violent Storm (Enhanced Edition 2020-03-24)



If anyone wants to make a 32-bit build, post links here. Also indicate if your build will work on XP.


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