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Internet archive support in raine !

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I added internet archive support directly in raine, that is, if a rom it tries to load is not found, it tries to get it from the internet archive. They don't have everything, they seem to have only the parent sets, and it's mame material which means some roms are incompatible, but still, there is quite a lot of stuff over there, and no copyright problem (they state they eventually remove the file in case of copyright problem).

The transfer is a little slow but I added a nice progress bar for that, it's quite fun !

I've been having this idea to add internet support in raine for quite a few years already, it's based on curl to make it work easily and on all platforms (no dos, but dos is not considered as a platform !).

When the internet archive started to make these roms available it was in a single huge file which was unusable, but they seem to now provide separate links for each rom, and it's been like this for at least 1 year but I just found out.

Quite nice !

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Mainly because they change all the time in mame, and it's tiresome to follow... !

I always thought the main set should be the oldest one, and any newer set should have another name, this way you keep compatibility with the old sets, and those who want to try the newest one still can. But it's too late for that !

Anyway they seem to have all the neogeo roms, some cps1 (except the clones then). Those notably missing : puckman and bubble bobble (but they have puzzle bobble, arcade and neogeo). It's not ideal for someone who wants everything of course, but it can be convenient for the casual gamer...

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Just built a binary with curl support inside for windows, for once I used the binaries from the curl site because it's impossible to build curl with my current cross compiler, and it saved me the hassle to reinstall the whole mingw system in windows (plus compiling curl is really complex).

The page is here : https://curl.haxx.se/windows/

just copy the include and lib dirs to the same directories, the dlls where they are needed, you'll need also the openssl archive listed below curl, and voila, it works. I was ready to make curl support optional because of the complexity of building it, but thanks to this, it remains easy !

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