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Yeah, it's about the issue #4818 at mame github (I don't have an account to write there). If you compile mame or mameui with the latest tools, the error message "GetTickCount64" appears in windows xp. However your build works, so it's because of that tools.

I'm going to compile mameui64 with the updated tools to check the tomy handhelds bug.

EDIT: Compiling with the latest MINGW GCC at mamedev the tomy handhelds now displays properly. I Suggest to compile MameUI32 with GCC 5.3.0 to keep compatibilty with XP, and MameUI64 with GCC 8.

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I don't think that will be possible. You see, new netlist code has gone into the current 209GIT which requires at least GCC 7.2 to compile, however this might not work with XP. I haven't tested it though as I don't have any version of GCC 7. Is this something you can try?


Also, I will compile a 32-bit version of MAME 0.208 and put it on my site for any remaining XP users.

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Since I posted about the netlist thing, the code was updated and can now be compiled with 5.3.0, so I don't need to do anything right now.


Thanks for checking though, now we know that 7.2 is good for XP but 7.4 (used in official build) is no good.


I'm going to upgrade my 64-bit compiler to the latest 8.3.0 in time for 0.209 which will fix the hh_ucom4 bug.

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