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MAMEUI and HBMAME 0.205 released


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MAMEUI 0.205 has been released and is available at the usual place:


Please note that there will not be any further releases of MESS and MESSUI until at least March 2019.


HBMAME 0.205 has also been released, and is available at


This is the last release of HBMAME until at least March 2019.



What's new in HBMAME

2018-12-26 0.205

New Games
- [dkpace] Donkey Kong pace [by Sock Master]
- [dktrainer] Donkey Kong trainer 1.01 [by Sock Master]
- [karnovh] Karnov's Revenge (unknown hack)
- [mhavocpe] Major Havoc - The Promised End (v0.21)


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There is an issue with mameui (not happening in official mame release): When you play any game with the mouse enabled in windowed mode, if you exceed any boundary of the screen, the emulator loses the focus and you can click any element from the windows OS. That didn't happen in older mameui versions.


I can do a video if you don't understand the problem, but it's easy to reproduce.

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There were changes made.


If you're running in a window, the mouse will not be constrained, but can roam anywhere, just like any other windows app.


However, if it loses focus by itself, that's a local setting in your windows. You'll have to make whatever adjustment is required to turn that off.

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Nope, I've dowloaded mameui 0.182 and the behaviour is just like the official 205 latest release: The mouse pointer is captured in mame window unless you hit pause, so you can move it outside the window. Is not a local setting since this should affect to all the mame builds.


Take a look at it, but it isn't a great problem. (I can upload for you the mame builds used for testing, if you want).


Edit: The last Mameui build that works like the current mame 0.205 is 0.197.

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Due to an extended (and very hot) heatwave, I will NOT be releasing anything this month.

You can either try compiling it yourself, or you can wait until 27th of February (assuming it's cool enough then).



EDIT: i can do it on Friday 1st of February.

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