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Worth a new binary ?

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There were quite a few fixes since the last released binary, and even "fairy land story" which is now playable (and it was way harder than what I had anticipated, a very old game, but not an easy one !). There are no major fixes anyway, see the git log and post here if you are interested !


The git log is here : https://github.com/zelurker/raine/commits/master


(these are mostly fixes for me and those who might be interested by the code itself, just posting here to make sure there is nobody left interested by a binary ! :) )

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Lol, you are alone, this site is almost dead I think !

Oh well, I'd love that more people could build it, it would be easier, with every thing installed it's :


git pull -> update the sources



and that's all, eventually a make install if you want to install it in the system in linux, otherwise you can play directly in the directory, much easier for everyone including me...

Ok, I'll try to post a binary anyway this week-end, it will be made with an old gcc though, but it shouldn't matter since raine's core is still in asm...

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Ok, just posted a 0.64.16, see the git page for the changes but they are mainly what I said.

Sorry for the delay, it was because passive mode didn't work anymore with the ftp, and I had forgotten how to deal with this... !

I had to update the conf for that and was not very motivated to do it.


I only uploaded the windows binary, I don't think anyone else would need something else.

By the way osx has gone crazy, deciding to stop supporting 32 bits binaries and even opengl, so I won't ever worry about osx anymore (that's a good news after all !).


In case you forgot, the download page : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html

and the old versions were updated too there : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/old-versions.html


by the way there were some fixes for the dos version too, but it was only because I was in the middle of some crazy testing, I hope the dos version is not useful anymore to anyone... !


And merry Christmas to anyone reading this !

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Clicking on a download gives a screen full of crap, you have to right-click and save as.. not a great inconvenience, just a surprise.


Thanks for all your work, and have a Happy Christmas too :)


Yeah, I'd heard that Apple had got even worse than ever, no longer supporting opengl, and not even allowing users to update NVidia drivers. They don't seem to care, the ultimate in arrogance.


Luckily, I've never owned any of their products.

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I have a mac mini, but from 2004, the time when apple was really good (and Steve Jobs was alive !). I don't use it anymore of course, it's retired at my mother's now, it has only 512 Mb of ram and it shows, + it's a powerpc... !


For all the crap displayed, it's not a surprise, it's a very long standing bug in the server configuration which never recognized correctly the 7z files. Clearly there is more than 1 web server to serve the requests, and not all of them are affected, so depending on the server, you get either a download dialog, or some crap on screen. It's always been like that here... !


Later then... !

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