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  1. Wow, this emu is still being updated ? New builds are always welcome
  2. Is there a way to know what games support the EmuDX feature ? (if it's still supported) And how is this feature works ?
  3. Thank you for the new version. No update is pointless or useless if you take the time to make them available
  4. yes, that's what I mean. Should I support the alternative filenames in the frontend ? Also, I didn't know Raine supports .7z.Any other format or just .zip or .7z ?
  5. Sure, here you go... after the rom () entry. All games have it. Most have same name as the game name, others are different like the one below: game ( name zerowing description "Zero Wing" manufacturer "Toaplan" year 1989 board "TP015" rom ( name o15-11.rom size 32768 crc32 6ff2b9a0 regiona ROM1 ) rom ( name o15-12.rom size 32768 crc32 9773e60b regiona ROM1 ) rom ( name o15-09.rom size 131072 crc32 13764e95 regiona ROM1 ) rom ( name o15-10.rom size 131072 crc32 351ba71a regiona ROM1 ) rom ( name o15-05.rom size 131072 crc32 4e5dd246 regiona GFX1 ) rom ( name o15-06.rom size 131072 c
  6. thanks for fixing the link and the -listinfo output. I have a question: what is the "archive ()" entry in -listinfo output ? What is it for ?
  7. Thank you for this new build. Will make some testings with my frontend http://emuloader.mameworld.info I get "file not found" in the file link, downloads page.
  8. Ciro Consentino

    Raine 0.64.7

    >> I guess you are talking about game specific settings ? yes, that's it. >> For stdout.txt, no I don't like it so I won't keep it like that, but it's something you easily forget,... ok, no problem. I'll wait for the next release. About "sourcefile" tags in -listinfo output, don't worry about it. I was just curious why it wasn't listed. I can make it work without it... ... I'm looking into the possibility to support Raine in my frontend, and build Raine's own games list instead of just using MAME's games list. Thank you for the quick reply. The -listinfo output have everyth
  9. Ciro Consentino

    Raine 0.64.7

    It's not a problem if this is what you want your emulator to do... output everything to stdout.txt. I can work with this. It's just a way to filter games by drivername in my frontend, Emu Loader. But it's not that important. I can't remember if you can create custom game settings in Raine. If yes, are they based on game name only ? In MAME you can create a custom settings using the driver name. That way all games using that driver will use the same custom settings file.
  10. Ciro Consentino

    Raine 0.64.7

    Thanks for this new version. Question: how can you create an output file listing all games with details (game info AND ROMs list) ? "raine32.exe -listinfo" doesn't work anymore. Also, I remember the -listinfo output doesn't list the "source file" info for the games. Thank you.
  11. Ciro Consentino


    yeah, I've been around Raine forum for years but I hardly post any comments. I've been messing around with Raine emulator lately. I looks very different than last build I tried... years ago. One thing I like about it is that it uses the same ROM sets as latest MAME builds.
  12. Ciro Consentino


    Testing... 1, 2, 3, testing...
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