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MAME72_Release4_2018 + Romset


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here is a download for MAME72_Release4_2018 and an almost complete romset.
there is about 3600 roms in this download,the emulator itself has a full romset of 4100 but this is pretty much all the big and best games.
if there is a game that is not here then try downloading the rom you are looking for from coolroms or emuparadise for example.

link for MAME72_Release4_2018 emulator.


now for the roms.

link for romset(4.23GB)


link for in your face rom


links for neogeo roms(the newly added ones originally uploaded by gamezfan)


download link for the rest of the new roms added by gamezfan,includes samples


just put all the roms into the roms folder of mame 072 release 4 2018.
put the samples into the samples folder.

and thats your lot.

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more games


salamander 2
gokyuo parodius
sexy parodius
in your face
strikers 1945(only the unprotected rom works so use that one)
konami gx bios
battle garegga

just put all the roms in your roms folder





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that is a driver error,remember mame 72 is an older version of mame.

this was fixed in a later version of mame,there was another port of mame for xbox 360 based off mame0.112.

give it a try if you wish as most of the roms in my downlaod works with this emulator.


link for mame360.




basic controls.

to exit a game hold both left and right trigger buttons and click down on the right thumb stick.

to bring up in game options hold both left and right triggers and hit the A button.

to pause a game click down on right thumb stick.

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