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  1. Oh My God...after reading your message, I finally noticed the real problem is that I AM stupid and because I was so focused in the menu I didn't notice the region is, in fact, correct, the game is in Japanese, HOWEVER, the menu still displays "Europe" for some reason, and because I didn't play, I just loaded the game and checked the Raine menu over and over again I didn't see the in-game text being in Japanese until now. So that means, even though the region shows up as Europe, it is, in fact, in Japanese. Kinda weird, but it's working fine. xD Thank you very much for everything mr.Tux, and sorry about my mistake...! T_T
  2. Thank you very much for the answer! I have been able to save every settings under "NeoCD/Neo-Geo options"(I needed these as well) and other emulator settings by using quit, but, for some reason the region is never saved, it will always go back to Europe. The game I am trying to play right now is NAM-1975. I tried checking the games.cfg file, but all I could find in the file was this: I tried changing the number under "romversion" but nothing happened. Could it be that I have the command line for region missing?, maybe I can add it by myself?. Oh, by the way, I am using Raine 0.91.19!
  3. Hello there!, is there any way to select a default language for NGCD games to run?, it is in Europe by default, but I would like to change to Japan. If I set the game to Japan in the emulator the game works, but it always goes back to Europe if I load a new game or when I exit the emulator. Any way to make Japan my default region?, thank you. 😃
  4. Amaryllis

    Raine 0.91.8 !

    I am using Intel Graphics too!, I use Intel Graphics 520, and this issue has been officially fixed in the latest drivers. 😃 It seems it has started on version, mine went back to normal starting at version, but there is already a more recent driver so everyone updating now will get it instead(it is just that I was late to see this topic xD). So no problems anymore, everything is back to normal!, anyone getting this issues should just update their graphics drivers.
  5. Even if it failed, it makes me happy that you tried!. Thank you very much! ^^
  6. Oh boy, that's too bad, but even though I am not a programer I think I can feel your pain. ;_; I have been using Windows because I am a normal user, but I heard it is not good for programing since you are not really the "owner" of the system for security reasons, what does not happen in Linux. Well, since I can still run the games, I am now inserting what is know as "ZIP names" used in arcade ROMS at the end of the names so I know what is what, such as "1995年03月31日 得点王(SNK)☆ <SSDK>" for Tokuten Ou (Super Sidekicks), it is not cool when loading the games on the emulator, but at least my collection is still well organized. ^^ But, thank you very much for explaining everything and helping me, mister Tux!, all the best! (^_^)b
  7. Hello!, I am Amaryllis, some random guy currently studying japanese and english. First I would like to thank for this amazing emulator!. Now, back to topic, I have been getting into NGCD and I wanted to do some speedruns with Rainew 0.64.16, but was faced by this problem that prevents me from loading my games properly because of the folder name. I like to organize my games with JP nomenclature, with goes (release)year, month, day, game, developer, and star symbols for Wii/PSN viability, like in this picture: But then, when I try loading these at the emulator, this happens: Looks like unicode issues, but I am already running Raine in japanese locale. If I try loading a game anyway, it runs, but this way I can barely know what game is, for the most part(and that looks horrible, lol). Is there a way to work around this issue, without having to rename my folders to non-unicode text? ^^, sure I could just rename it but then I wouldn't be able to organize it the way I like and that would somewhat ruin the mood and not be good for my OCD... Thanks!
  8. second link neo geo roms is empty please upload again
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