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  1. Even if it failed, it makes me happy that you tried!. Thank you very much! ^^
  2. Oh boy, that's too bad, but even though I am not a programer I think I can feel your pain. ;_; I have been using Windows because I am a normal user, but I heard it is not good for programing since you are not really the "owner" of the system for security reasons, what does not happen in Linux. Well, since I can still run the games, I am now inserting what is know as "ZIP names" used in arcade ROMS at the end of the names so I know what is what, such as "1995年03月31日 得点王(SNK)☆ <SSDK>" for Tokuten Ou (Super Sidekicks), it is not cool when loading the games on the emulator, but at least my collection is still well organized. ^^ But, thank you very much for explaining everything and helping me, mister Tux!, all the best! (^_^)b
  3. Hello!, I am Amaryllis, some random guy currently studying japanese and english. First I would like to thank for this amazing emulator!. Now, back to topic, I have been getting into NGCD and I wanted to do some speedruns with Rainew 0.64.16, but was faced by this problem that prevents me from loading my games properly because of the folder name. I like to organize my games with JP nomenclature, with goes (release)year, month, day, game, developer, and star symbols for Wii/PSN viability, like in this picture: But then, when I try loading these at the emulator, this happens: Looks like unicode issues, but I am already running Raine in japanese locale. If I try loading a game anyway, it runs, but this way I can barely know what game is, for the most part(and that looks horrible, lol). Is there a way to work around this issue, without having to rename my folders to non-unicode text? ^^, sure I could just rename it but then I wouldn't be able to organize it the way I like and that would somewhat ruin the mood and not be good for my OCD... Thanks!
  4. second link neo geo roms is empty please upload again
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