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Intel HD graphics 4000 and Raine


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Hello, Tux! Thank you so much for your update! Now OpenGL works normally in version 0.64.14. :praiseyou:

So I've started playing some games again and found some graphical glitches in KOF96 and The Last Blade 2 in case you wanna have a look later.

In KOF96, we have these weird rectangles in some demo scenes as the ones below:

savestate: https://mega.nz/#!R1M1HRRa!QtoHC11j8NQlnl_LLQyLbOYJJgiBnBeINtKWo3km29E

savestate: https://mega.nz/#!lxcGhKRB!jRvjTcAykpoWNwd1z1TMVo6UrJ4HPybBWLcLSXoT9NA

Notice that in the second screenshot above we can also see a transparent rectangle where it shouldn't happen.

In The Last Blade 2, we have a strange scene with the eyes of the character showing without his face. The screenshot is from the NGCD game. The glitch doesn't happen in the NG rom version. Take a look:

savestate: https://mega.nz/#!l8tAybjT!xBph2-9BdfzskOwN34j3ZpOR4CYOA_6qJRZ6LAqVKP0

NG rom
savestate: https://mega.nz/#!ogtQTSrZ!0mN6WtA_c0ftMl3N5wnUDeDYlVkpSM7XUPBOZeBNFrc

You can use the save states above to try to reproduce the glitches and see if there's anything you could do about them for now or for the future. As you can see, they are not hindering the gameplay at all. :wink2:

Thank you so much again for your time. :cat:

PS: the glitches happen in both 0.64.13 and 0.64.14 versions. The screenshot were taken using my Win 7 discrete gfx card setup.

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Nice glitches, I think I like them ! :-) Can't access your link anyway ! :wink:

Weird. I can download normally through Windows browsers, but Android browsers fail to load the Mega website too. :glare1:


So I've put the four savestate files in a zip and uploaded to Google drive. See if you can download it now:



Thanks for your reply! :thumbsup1:

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I bet it's the forum fault, some "working only in windows" feature again ! (I use regularly mega in linux without problem).

Anyway your link to google drive is better, more saves. I might take a look later, but don't hold your breath !

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