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is there any to decrypt the encrypted ROTD?


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yah, this 70MB monster is all i could find, all the spots i found with the decrypted set were broken or corrupt, so is there a way i can decrypt this myself?

To decrypt C roms, you can use Winkawaks on PC : before launching the encrypted parent romset of the game, in "Tools", click on "Enable save decrypted Cs after loading". Decrypted C + S1 roms will be generated next to Winkawaks.exe.


Also, you can use a tool called "Convert2" (Neo Encrypter).


To decrypt ROTD V roms, cut encrypted 264-v1.bin of 8 Mb in 2 parts to make decrypted V1 & V2 roms & cut encrypted 264-v2 of 8 Mb in 2 parts to make decrypted V3 & V4 roms.

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