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[Sega CD/Mod] Final Fight CD: Pyron Color Enhanced V2 Final


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Final Fight CD - Pyron Enhanced Colors V2 Final
by pyron

big thanks to smokemonster.



This is a massive patch that changes all the colors of the game Final Fight CD to become more faithful to the original arcade. The pictures below can not express how much things have changed and improved in this patch.


All skin colors of the characters and enemies were changed to become more natural.

The clothes of the characters were changed and Haggar is now as he always should be.

Several enemies were mildly or completely recolored and are very close to the arcade.

All scenarios were recolored, some were completely redone and others suffered minor adjustments.


After you defeat the last boss the final sequence will start. In this part almost everything will go back to the original format.


Convert your game to the format Bin/Cue to apply the patch. Then just re-record the CD and enjoy it.


The Final Version are here, everything was revised and looks much better now some segments and artworks that i haven’t changed because can’t reached before now was edited directly from original tiles and much more..

plays fine on NeoGensPlusGX v1b06 for the original xbox.

download info
2 links
image type-bin/cue


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