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MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.180 released

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MESSUI 0.180 has been released and is available at the usual place:





- Fixed 7z support in SW Files tab

- Added back "Software List Base" (SLpath) setting in the directories

- Made "Open Other Software" to default to the "swpath" instead of a random folder

- In Device View, Open Item now only shows if there is a matching software list

- In Device View, Open Item now opens the folder of the software list instead of the SLpath.

- The DATS settings is now moved back to messui.ini

--- If your DATS folder is not "dats", you will need to set it up again

- Removed 3 items from the treeview for a faster startup



MAMEUI 0.180 has been released and is available at the above link.



- MESSUI (full version) has been renamed to MAMEUI. The old MAMEUI interface has been retired.




HBMAME 0.180 has been released and is available at http://hbmame.1emulation.com



- It has been decided to reactivate all those homebrews that have been copied to MAME, such as Pauline Edition.

- NEWUI has been removed.

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See I really wish the actual mamdevs could get this stuff sorted. surely there are enough people who find the simplicity in having builds for "arcade" "mess" or "everything". while I love MAME project lately the standard mamedev releases are just not set out with any thought at all. Everything just thrown in. Glad your here to sort this mess (pun intented!) out HAHAHA

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