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  1. yeah I noticed that with the latest package "ConEmu" is not included. I prefer it over the standard cmd.exe and you can download it from https://conemu.github.io/ and copy it to "opt" dir. it works perfectly again. I also use the "home" folder instead of "src" folder to store git packages and the startup scripts reflect that. your compile script also needs some changing aswell to use home folder but I only posted the standard script here. Compile-Scripts.7z here are my win32con.bat, win32env.bat & your compile scripts for use in "Home\%USERNAME%" folder
  2. Hey Mucci, Love your script. I have made some additions (mostly graphical) like centered boxes (including variable text length) and -march & -mtune compiling options. see what you think. it only really works in msys (win32con.bat) and not (win32env.bat) ARCADE_batch11.zip <---- first attemp ARCADE_batch1.1a.zip <----- slight fixes (resized main box, removed some repetitive code), now works with win32con.bat(CconEmu.exe) and win32env.bat(cmd.exe) environments cheers Pottzman
  3. See I really wish the actual mamdevs could get this stuff sorted. surely there are enough people who find the simplicity in having builds for "arcade" "mess" or "everything". while I love MAME project lately the standard mamedev releases are just not set out with any thought at all. Everything just thrown in. Glad your here to sort this mess (pun intented!) out HAHAHA
  4. So Robert if MESSUI has now become MAMEUI what is the actual MESSUI hosted here http://messui.1emulation.com/ for? and how are they different from one another?
  5. okay thanks Robert. love Arcade!
  6. okay thanks for your help however I managed to compile arcade64 .179 from muccis script here http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/35698-compile-script-for-arcade/ and it seems to work however everytime I try to load a rom I get this [LUA ERROR] in run: plugin\boot.lua:23 stack index 1, expected userdata, received userdata and [LUA ERROR] 7 loading Lua script I didnt set any options in arcade64 to run any scripts/plugins so how do I fix this?
  7. yeah this is the error Archiving libatari.a...makefile:950: recipe for target 'windows_x64' failedmake: *** [windows_x64] Error 2 and then the compiling stops. I have since downloaded your mameui-master.zip file and tried to compile that only to find similar problems using this command. make -j12 SUBTARGET=arcade OSD=winui STRIP_SYMBOLS=1 and I get this .....Compiling src/devices/cpu/m6502/n2a03.cpp... Compiling src/devices/cpu/m6502/r65c02.cpp...
  8. Thanks robert for keeping some form of mameui going. I have only ever used mameui but I always downloaded your master branch and patched it with the "hiscore/no nag" patch. I ran into a few compile issues throughout the releases but overall it was fairly simple to do. I had managed to download you arcade 178 source and merge it with the official mame 178 source to try and compile a build with the hi score/no nag patch and I was successful however with arcade 179 I am running into familiar compile issues of the past, namely the old 'windows_x64' recipe makefile stuff. I even get the same error
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