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MESSUI 0.172


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I've tested the 32bit version, seems to be in very good health, the only problem i've found is:


-When you select Multi-Threaded Rendering at misc tab, the emulator crashes.


And I remark a pair of things i don't know are specific issues of the 64bit 171, that don't happens in 172v32 and seems to be solved:


-When you activate hlsl, the emulator crashes (I've just put the hlsl folder from mame in mess, as long it should work)


-Once you launch a game with the option Play and Record avi output, after this, no matter what you do, when you launch a system, an avi output is generated again and again


Good job Robert

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Multi-threaded rendering was removed from MAMEUI but looks like I forgot in MESSUI. It is no longer supported in MAME's core.


HLSL didn't crash for me, however there's been a lot of changes lately, so I will remove HLSL checkbox for now.


I don't know about Play and Record, it's a function I've never used. But I will check it out.


Thank you for reporting. :-)

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OK, those 3 issues have been addressed.


HLSL checkbox, removed.

Multithreading checkbox, removed.

If you choose AVI, MNG, or WAV options, they will be cleared on exit. But if MAME crashes during the recording, then it won't be cleared - you need to edit the game's inifile yourself.

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Mmmm thanks, maybe that happened to me and accidentally I crashed my emulator while recording, I don't remember...


Anyway, I've tested it at the 172x86 with a clean install and worked perfectly.


So...waiting now for the next 173x64 release... :)

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