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Wrong captured area in avi output


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Hi, this is my first post, so let's go...


Maybe this is more a mame issue than a messui issue: When i capture avi output with some machines like super nintendo, genesis/ megadrive or amstrad, the captured area doesn't cover all the screen, or the image is distorted..


Super nintendo area was in good state in 0170, however, in 0171 come back to show only the screen partially...


Thanks in advanced...

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What do you mean by 'distorted'? Can you provide before and after examples?


The AVI format itself has limitations you should be aware of, for example if the screen size or resolution changes it can't handle it.


Try also by using MAME from http://mamedev.org/release.html , does it have the same problems?


It was suggested to use the -snapsize option to stabilise things.


Let us know.

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So one image values more than 1000 words: (All captures are with the default cfg in 171 in messui, note than i use the same cfg in mame for arcade machines, and works well)


For amstrad cpc 6128





Edit: Sorry but i can't upload more images to the forum, but you can try with supernes or genesis, the avi output only captures the left side of the screen....

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