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Contest! Win 1 of 4 Android Emulator boxs!

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On my facebook page and on 1emulation if you comment or send me a pm telling me why you deserve to get one of these were giving away 4 throughout the new year!


Copy paste from facebook,


"To ALL!

The android box I showed on my page is now being given away to 4 people this year, if you tell me why you want it or deserve it either in a comment or private message you could win one! The first is already given to William Cornelius and will arrive in March to his home! That leaves 4 to go! You dont have to be on my friends list to enter. ANYONE can enter! Be original but not rude. The boxs come fully loaded with everything already installed and a manual for troubleshooting. Tell your friends, tell your family and tell your co workers! Dates are April 29th, June 24th, Sept. 26th and Nov. 11th for drawings to be closed. You do not pay for anything, this is free (even the shipping!). ~ Bambi"



You can send all submissions to Bambi here on 1emulation or to Bambi Emu on facebook. To see the videos of it working simply search on facebook for "bambi emu android".


Good luck to all who enter!

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It seems that facebook has catalogued my videos into one post, I just checked and theyre public so a quick search for me could show them.

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So far some of the videos are now up on youtube, search android tv emulator box. Theres about 5 videos so far but im adding more on slow internet. The account is "myschizoaffectivelife".

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