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Dat files


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Messinfo should show. However that section needs an overhaul.


What needs to be done:


- set up a directory to hold history.dat, mameinfo.dat, messinfo.dat, sysinfo.dat

- get the history tab to look for and display content from all 4 files.


However it means that no other files would be considered.


Not sure when it will get done, but at least its on the list of things to do. (MESSUI and MAMEUI).

Also make sure Asian characters show properly (already fixed in MAMEUIFX).




EDIT: had a look, messinfo.dat is in an unrecognised format, and is utterly useless (just a dump of the source code).

mameinfo.dat should work but doesn't. I suspect it never worked. This is a bug.


Thanks for reporting this. It will be fixed - sometime.

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