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Hi all


signed up as picked up an xbox and want to play arcade games on it, my issue is I am new to this and have my head up my arse when it comes to it! Could someone point me towards a "so your new and you have your head up your arse" sort of guide?! I literally don't know where to start. Do I need to soft mod the console first and then add coin ops? or is it different to that, also since I started to look into this it seems a newer version of coin ops has come out.


Would anyone be kind enough to give me some hand holding? Also I currently only have a mac (with 10.8) although am sure if needed I could stick a windows partition back on it if its easier to sort out with windows.

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They're many of us here who can help you get started!


First you will need to modchip your Xbox original, Install a new bigger HDD and then finally FTP your files to your Xbox.

Now thats the simple version.


Getting your system modded and new HDD you can do yourself if you have some skill in soldering and HHD installing.

After all the hard part is out of the way install a Frontend to your system (ie - Evox, UnleashX,etc.) to recognize coinops.

Download coinops from the official source here - http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/35458-coinops-7-r2-standalone-new-update/

Then Ftp Coinops and all roms to your Xbox, When completed Power off the Xbox properly and restart and you should have a working Coinops 7 on your Xbox.


Again this is the simple instructions I used and I'm sure fumanchu could give you a better understanding of working with the Xbox original.

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