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Raine 0.64.8 : messy...


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Too many bugs in 0.64.7, so here is a quick fix for :

- no more stdout.txt file generated when launching the program

- the shaders don't turn the opengl interface to black anymore

- controls using the command.dat graphics can be changed again (0.64.7 was just exiting in this case).


Also the command.dat graphics are a little better, and I managed to add 1 last shader, not totally sure it renders correctly though...

And added a few combination controls to cps1 and cps2 (not a lot).

Thanks to the testers who quickly spotted the problems !

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Some CPS 2 games don't work with the new version of Raine 0.64.7 like: Cyberbots : Fullmetall Madness (Euro 950424) (cybots) - Object RAM NG


Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Euro 940705) (dstlk) - RAM ERROR,


Aliens vs. Predator (USA 940520) (avspu) -game won't run - CPU M68000 and Z80 reset, black screen

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I am cursed !

Anyway thanks for the list, I can confirm for at least cybots, I'll look into this...


EDIT : it's fixed ! It was a crazy day, 30th december of 2014, I was crazy enough to try to clean up the memory map of cps2 and thought it worked...

Of course there were lots of games that I didn't test, too many of them, and you just found them !

It takes removing 6 comments on 6 lines to make it work again... Oh at least it took 8 months to find the problem !


Oh well I might make another binary later then !

(tested the 3 games, everything is fine now).


Ok uploaded the fix, it's now 0.64.8-2 ! (only on the name of the archive, not the version reported in the about dialog).

Thanks again !

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Thanks for the update to 0.64.8. I haven't been able to dl 0.64.8-2 due to the link problem already reported.


I don't know if you are aware that there are still some issues with the -listinfo output.


It is redirectable to a pipe now, so that is good.


But it has some spurious " region ROM2 )" tags that cut off four of the ROMset definitions:







And there are fourteen ROMsets that have a nameless ROM with a size, a merge tag, and a crc32 of "00000000"

















It seems to me that the ROM name was inadvertently omitted from the lines. Or perhaps those nodump lines were not expected to appear at all. I'm not sure what the intended behavior is. If it is intended as-is, that's OK, just let me know.

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Ok, for the bad link, sorry that's partly because I did this in a hurry last night, and partly because the new setup in this server forbids to use rsync with ssh.

with rsync I would sync my directory in a blink of an eye, but with the ftp we have now it would be too slow, and so I have to upload the files one by one, and mistakes happen sometimes...


For the weird listinfo, well thanks to take a look ! Clearly this function has not been used by anyone for quite some time now, it's a good thing that somebody finally cares !

For info it was not that the rom names were forgotten, it's rather some special loading commands like FILL or REGION_EMPTY which were not understood correclty by listinfo.

I updated the binary again, it's now 0.64.8-3.

And this time I'll test the links !

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Sure, here you go... after the rom () entry. All games have it. Most have same name as the game name, others are different like the one below:

game (
	name zerowing
	description "Zero Wing"
	manufacturer "Toaplan"
	year 1989
	board "TP015"
	rom ( name o15-11.rom size 32768 crc32 6ff2b9a0 regiona ROM1 )
	rom ( name o15-12.rom size 32768 crc32 9773e60b regiona ROM1 )
	rom ( name o15-09.rom size 131072 crc32 13764e95 regiona ROM1 )
	rom ( name o15-10.rom size 131072 crc32 351ba71a regiona ROM1 )
	rom ( name o15-05.rom size 131072 crc32 4e5dd246 regiona GFX1 )
	rom ( name o15-06.rom size 131072 crc32 c8c6d428 regiona GFX1 )
	rom ( name o15-07.rom size 131072 crc32 efc40e99 regiona GFX1 )
	rom ( name o15-08.rom size 131072 crc32 1b019eab regiona GFX1 )
	rom ( name o15-03.rom size 131072 crc32 7f245fd3 regiona GFX2 )
	rom ( name o15-04.rom size 131072 crc32 0b1a1289 regiona GFX2 )
	rom ( name o15-01.rom size 131072 crc32 70570e43 regiona GFX2 )
	rom ( name o15-02.rom size 131072 crc32 724b487f regiona GFX2 )
	rom ( name o15-13.rom size 32768 crc32 e7b72383 )
	archive ( name "zero_wing" name "zerowing" )
	chip ( type audio name "ym3812" )
	input ( dipswitches 3 )
	video ( screen raster orientation horizontal x 320 y 240 freq 57.61 )
	driver ( status good color good colordeep 8 credits "Antiriad & Raine Team" )
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