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Hi greetings,



This is my port of SMSPlus to PSP



One day I was playing the original emulator in my PSP, when i realize it was too old, the compatibility soooo low, and all videos mode have a big horrible bilinear filtering. But the GUI was amazing :msntongue: jaja


Then i decide to port smsplus from scratch, with a more recent build. I based the port in the Smsplus GX from Gamecube, and the gui is the original one





This is the main characteristics of the emulator



- Full speed on MS and GG

- New video modes for MS and GG

- Position menu for gameGear in 2x mode (160x136 - Miss 8 pixels)

- Save options per game

- Support of PNG frames

- Full framebuffer for GG

- Correct support for PAL games

- Korean mapper

- MSX mapper (Zemina penguin adventure works!!!)

- Codemaster Mapper (and correct support of 256x240)

- Paddle support

- Correct bios initialization (for some games need it Shadow Dancer, Ecco GG, etc )

- Master System region switch (export-domestic)

- SG-1000/Othello Multivision proper emulation (now castle and Q-bert are fully playable)

- Savestates are full working (not like in original version)




New video modes are



A - 1x (256x192)
B - 2x Horizontal 1x Vertical - NO bilinear (480x192) - horizontal from 256>240
C - 1.5x Horizontal 1x Vertical bilinear (384x192)


A - 2x (320x272) cuts vertical image from 144 a 136 - Menu for image position available
B - 1x Full Framebuffer - 160x144 to 256x192
C - 4:3 Bilinear




Example of GameGear 2x (160x136x2 = 320x272)







Example of Master system 1:1 mode with PNG borders










SG-1000 game, the Castle, 1:1 original rsolution










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