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This forum and palemoon

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Hi!! greetings


Sorry my english, i register because raine forum


I dont know if is the right place to ask, i did not found any "problems with forum" place to ask




Is impossible to post from Palemoon 25.5 (64bits), i need to change to IE8 to post, very annoying. Every time i finish writing, and need to push the button to send reply, nothing happen, if i want to change to Full Editor, i get a script error



My OS is XP x64, and latest Palemoon for my OS. Same error in my desktop and laptop, in laptop I use XP x32, same palemoon except is 32bits build




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Until now I had never heard of Palemoon. Looks like it's a customised form of Firefox. The only things I can suggest are


1. Try another browser - the latest Firefox works fine on XP.


2. Report a problem at the Palemoon forum.


3. Use a different theme - click on 'Change Theme' at the bottom of the page.

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i feel like a idiot! i did not see the option to change theme :mad0::rofl: jaja believe me i was looking for the option in profile settings!


With IP.Board everything works well now, thanks for help! and much faster too, the main theme is so slow in my laptop (Pentium 3 650mhz)

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